Your Buyers Are Out There.

We’ll identify, target, and connect with them—you’ll benefit from new B2B relationships.

How It Works?

If LinkedIn were like dating, we’d be the matchmakers.

We get to know you and what you do, then find you potential connections. By highlighting what makes you not only different but the perfect fit in each prospective relationship, we drum up plenty of interest. We pass along only those that are serious about you—the ones that are worth your time. But just like with any blind date, it’s up to you to earn a second meeting. 

Naturally, some set-ups still turn out to be incompatible. At the very least, you learned a valuable lesson about the world you’re operating in (be it dating or LinkedIn).

And of course, some blind dates turn into healthy, successful relationships. 

Many of our lead generation campaigns yield the same long-term results (without half the awkwardness of a first date).

1. Industry

We Orient Our Approach By Understanding Your Specific Corner Of The Market.

Buyer Sizing: There are 740 million LinkedIn members, but how many are actually useful to you? With a few data points, we can quantify the number of users that match your company’s defined buyer personas—in the world, in your region, in a particular industry, of a certain size, you name it.

Because you can’t hit the bulls-eye without first defining the entire target.

2. Network-Building

We Lay The Foundation To Successfully Build Your Business: A Network Of People.

Network Sync: Missing connections are missed opportunities. To get the right eyes on your business proposal down the line, you first need to get your eyes on the right people’s work. We match your LinkedIn network to your real-life network by adding existing and potential contacts.

Because you can’t reach people you’re not connected to.

Prospect-Listening: The head of security keeps a watchful eye on every corner of their domain—your LinkedIn network is your domain and requires the same attention. We meticulously curate LinkedIn lists that feature current, past, and potential clients, previously dropped leads to reengage with, new leads that have accepted your request, and even competitor watch lists—all for you to monitor and engage with from your headquarters.
Because it’s best to listen before you speak.

Network Engagement: When an opportunity presents itself, you have to be paying attention. We engage with the content on your curated LinkedIn lists by not only liking posts to show interest but also by providing genuinely helpful advice, articles, and eventually, business proposals to solve the unique problems they share about.

Because you can’t provide solutions to problems you don’t know about.

3. Targeted Awareness

We get you seen by the right people—the people that one day become clients.

Brand Awareness: Generate More Than Leads – Build a Wide-Reaching Network for Long-Term Success, We craft non-sales messaging to genuinely connect with decision-makers and potential buyers in your field—it’s more than a hollow sales pitch. Whether you’re targeting a new territory or reigniting old connections, brand awareness lays additional groundwork for successful relationships.

Because you can’t cross bridges you haven’t built yet.

Account-Based Ad Campaigns: We target over a thousand predefined potential buyers with compelling, personalized advertisements. By sharing content-specific ads geared towards your unique LinkedIn leads, we introduce your company’s value before sealing the deal with direct contact.

Because cold outreach doesn’t have to be quite so cold.

4. Direct Connection

We Reach Out Directly To Forge Meaningful Relationships With Interested Buyers.

Lead Generation Campaigns: There’s nothing more effective than a personal connection, even in business. That’s why a human being—not a carefully programmed bot—reaches out to your target buyers with a number of personalized campaign types.

Because buyers respond to real people giving real solutions.

Solution Campaign: We ditch the boring, generic sales pitch and cut through the noise by offering a unique solution to a lead’s specific problem.

Persona Campaign: We tailor our proposal to the role we’re helping you target, not just their company at large, because the same offer means something very different to a CEO, product developer, and marketing manager.

Event RSVPs: We invite people within your network to attend webinars, roundtables, and other networking events.

Win Back Campaign: We don’t always cut our losses after the initial rejection—if the timing is right and your business has something valuable to offer, we’ll re engage with (and often win back!) old leads.

Conditioning Campaign: We target your buyer lists with LinkedIn ads, measure their engagement, then retarget the top 20% with personalized direct messages, following up where necessary.

5. Ongoing Support

We Go Beyond Lead Generation To Support Your Business Throughout Its Growth Phase.

Candidate Sourcing:
Do you have the perfect candidate in mind, but no earthly idea how to find someone that matches your hyper specific needs? We do. We go beyond the job title and generic search engines to find the qualifications you want—average tenure, past accomplishments, unique experience, you name it.

Because there is a formula for finding the right candidate.

Sales Operations Assistant: Every now and then, we take a quick break from the wonderful world of LinkedIn to help you implement lasting structure within your sales pipeline.

Because interested leads are no good if you’re not prepared to onboard them.

CRM: Our highly trained sales associates will clean up your CRM data and accounts to streamline everything that happens after we pass piping hot new leads off to you. From reviewing your incoming sales opportunities to managing your calendar, we do more than generate contacts.

Creative List-Building: Not everyone in your target industry has a need for your service or product—we can find and target the ones that do. We brainstorm what successful leads look like for your company then determine clever criteria and filters to find them.

How can we help?